Apptech is the Adani of Kashmir

Apptech is the Adani of Kashmir
Apptech is the Adani of Kashmir

This will probably be the first instance of India when the ruling party BJP A senior leader and lawyer of the same party against a policy of Babang Dahal has announced that he will fight the case of invalidating this policy in the Supreme Court and that too when this policy is applied. Jammu and Kashmir It has been done to the youth.

Thousands of degree holders of Jammu and Kashmir For the first time in three years Demonstrations were seen on streets and intersections against the decision to award the contract to conduct recruitment exams to Aptech, a blacklisted private company that has been accused of multiple malpractices. .

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Aptech is a private Maharashtra-based professional training course provider that has already been banned from conducting competitive exams in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Assam.

Apptech has been accused of laxity in disclosing the results and like some courts, the J&K Judiciary also passed an order not to give such liability to the company, but the J&K government stayed the order.

Although the responsibility of conducting competitive exams for recruitment is with the Services Selection Board, but for some time the board had given this job to Apptech, whose poor performance has been questioned many times in the past.

This issue of Aptech BJP Govt And it led to a fresh rift between local political parties when some pro-Indian leaders alleged that Aptech owners were close enough to the Prime Minister and other Union ministers that they were responsible for playing with the future of Jammu and Kashmir’s youth. given to the company.

In response, Jammu and Kashmir Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha said that “politicians who in the past put the future of millions of degree holders at stake by hiring ‘terrorists’ do not have the right to talk about Aptech.” They have remained the representatives of the people.’

On the one hand, the anti-BJP local political leadership targeted the government, on the other hand, most of the BJP workers in Jammu themselves strongly demanded the immediate dismissal of Aptek.

Some videos of youths being beaten up and arrested by the police in Jammu have gone viral and the BJP has suffered a lot among its voters and reports of differences of opinion between the government and the local BJP on this issue have come to light.

Then, when senior BJP leader and lawyer Subramanian Swamy announced the filing of a petition by the youth in the Supreme Court regarding the dismissal of APTECH, it was evident that internal turmoil was felt in the chambers of Delhi.

After which the government decided to postpone the exams starting from March 15 for the time being, however, it is still delaying to release Aptech.

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A large number of youths are protesting and complaining that the government has once again put their future at stake by postponing the exam instead of completing Aptech.

It should be noted that Subramanian Swamy is considered a hard-line Hindu leader in the BJP who has been a staunch supporter of the removal of Article 370.

After the expiry of his term as Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha, he Modi often criticizes the policies of

Ajit Dogra from Jammu, who appeared for the J&K Services Selection Board exam, says, ‘The story of pharmacy is also the same as in India. Adani A case has been made of who is close to the BJP leadership and together they are looting people’s money. Now that there is dissent from within BJP, the exams have been postponed for now, but until the Supreme Court imposes a final ban on Aptech, our future is at risk and bribery has not come down. will.’

According to a recent report, the number of unemployed in Jammu and Kashmir has increased by 12% in the last three years.

About 10 lakh degree holders are currently unemployed who are sometimes turning into drug addicts due to mental stress or committing suicide or preferring to die by turning themselves into gunmen. However, young people with degrees are hitting the streets and being pushed.

While the local leadership is absolving itself of its responsibilities by issuing a few-line narrative while waiting for the elections.

Note: This article is based on the personal opinion of the columnist, which does not necessarily agree with the institution.

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