British minister ‘jokes’ about designer of Rwandan refugee homes

British minister ‘jokes’ about designer of Rwandan refugee homes

UK Home Secretary Sylla Braverman, making her first government-funded visit to Rwanda, was given a tour of potential migrants’ residences while it was confirmed on Friday that 209 people had crossed the river crossing.

British Home Secretary Sylla Braverman joked about the interior designers of refugee housing during her visit on Saturday.

She is visiting to reaffirm her commitment to Rwanda’s deportation policy.

No migrants have been relocated so far because the deal, which was signed last April by Savila Braverman’s predecessor Priti Patel, is plagued by legal complications.

During Sola Braverman’s visit, the government reported that 209 people had crossed the Channel in small boats on Friday after five days of no crossings.

On Saturday morning, Sawela Braverman was given a tour of the residences that could provide long-term housing for the migrants after the Rwandan government buys the land.

Reviewing one of the homes, Savilla Braverman said: ‘These homes are really beautiful, high quality and unique and I really like your interior designer. I need some advice from him for myself.’

Migrants from the UK will be accommodated in hostels and hotels for short periods.

One refugee living in Rwanda told reporters that he ‘never felt that I was considered a foreigner.’

However, he said he did not think Rwanda had the capacity to house “several thousand” migrants.

Faseha Teme, 48, who has a wife and four children, made the comments after Suella Braverman claimed that Rwanda has the capacity to resettle thousands of people, and after the flights start. He can accommodate quickly.’

The British Home Secretary also said that the suggestion that Rwanda could only handle 200 people was ‘a completely false narrative put forward by critics who want to end the deal.’

Ahead of the visit, Soyla Braverman said the plan would ‘serve as a powerful deterrent against dangerous and illegal travel.’

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She is scheduled to meet with President Paul Kagame and her counterpart Vincent Berotta to discuss the deal.

She will also meet with investment startup professionals and entrepreneurs to discuss the range of business and employment opportunities available in Rwanda.

The British government’s plan to forcibly return refugees to Rwanda is currently facing a hurdle in the courts in the form of asylum seekers.

Applicants were told on Tuesday they could appeal Home Office decisions to repatriate them.

A group of people from countries including Iran, Iraq and Syria want to overturn a decision by two High Court judges in December, who rejected a series of legal challenges to the government’s plan.

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