Dhirendra Shastri Program In Mumbai Advocate Nitin Satpute Filed Petition In Bombay High Court Ann | Dhirendra Shastri: Petition in High Court against Dhirendra Shastri, Baba said

Dhirendra Shastri Mumbai Programme: Balaji Maharaj Dhirendra Shastri is often in headlines for his miracles and statements. In Mumbai, once again the atmosphere has heated up regarding Peethadhishwar Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham government. Actually, Dhirendra Shastri has organized a divine court on Mira Road in Mumbai. Shastri has once again organized a divine court in Mumbai on March 18 and 19. Advocate Nitin Satpute has filed a petition in the Bombay High Court against this two-day court of Bageshwar Dham Baba. In this, a demand has been made to stop Dhirendra Shastri from organizing the divine court on Mira Road.

Bageshwar Dham government accused of spreading superstition

It has been written in the petition that the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act 2013 law is applicable in Maharashtra. Under this, no person can spread superstition. Despite this, if a person does such work, then he should be stopped.

Not only this, the Superstition Eradication Committee has also accused him of practicing witchcraft and lodged a complaint with the Mira Road Police Station in Mumbai to stop his programme.

Baba Dhirendra Shastri lashed out at those who opposed

Many political parties have also lodged protest to stop the program of Dhirendra Shastri. In such a situation, Dhirendra Shastri said about the program that it is the job of the people to speak, they will continue to speak. He said that honey is nectar, but if a dog licks it, it dies. Dhirendra Shastri said that Bageshwar Baba’s court is nectar but some people cannot digest Baba’s court.

Dhirendra Baba further said that Jai Shri Ram, the work is being done, the sleepless nights of the opponents. In the middle of the court, he said that as long as we live, we will keep taking the name of Ram. He said that the people of India will not fall in the trap of Tantrik.

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