Do you consider yourself lucky?

Do you consider yourself lucky?
Do you consider yourself lucky?

How lucky are you? Check out this question to find out. You might be surprised.

A survey of 2,000 adults in the UK and 500 in Ireland has revealed that the ‘Irish are lucky’.

People living in the town of Emerald Isle, North Carolina, experience 40 lucky moments a year, but people in the UK only get 37—about 10 percent less.

Irish people also consider themselves lucky, with 49 percent believing they are lucky, compared to 40 percent elsewhere.

In this survey it was also found that United Kingdom 66 percent of adults in the U.S. claim to have a little bit of luck in their lives.

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But 26 percent admitted they don’t know the meaning of luck and think it’s too difficult to explain.

A spokesman for the website, which launched the Lucky in Life quiz to coincide with the Irish Lotto draw on St Patrick’s Day, said: ‘Luck is a strange concept – most people question Does it really exist?

‘Some people definitely seem luckier than others – as our lotto winners will attest.

‘But there is no real evidence of how and why luck comes. This can be anything from wearing our lucky pants to finding a four-leaf clover. Or maybe it’s just in the stars!’

To increase their chances of good luck, 23 per cent of UK adults used lucky signs, rising to 38 per cent of Irish respondents.

Lucky numbers, special bracelets and coins are popular for good luck on both sides of the Irish Sea. It is also likely that the Irish chose the four-leaf clover as a symbol of good luck.

When it comes to family, friends and relationships, UK adults consider themselves lucky and 25% say good health is a reason to be grateful, as it is often decided by luck.

On the flip side of the coin, Irish adults are 17% more likely to be unlucky than people in the UK (67% compared to 50%).

57% of people from the Republic of Ireland did well on their first attempt at anything.

That’s a higher proportion than just 36 percent of people in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, according to OnePoll figures.

A Lottoland spokesperson added: ‘It seems people in Ireland don’t just think they’re lucky, they actually are!

The question is, do you have to be born in Ireland to enjoy this good fortune, or can you move from unlucky Brighton to Dublin or Galway and instantly improve your luck?

Top 10 lucky signs in Ireland:

  1. Lucky number
  2. The bracelet
  3. coins
  4. Ring
  5. Four leaf clover
  6. Ladybugs
  7. socks
  8. Horseshoe
  9. Qas Qazah
  10. Underwear

    Top 10 Signs of Good Luck in the UK:

  11. Lucky number
  12. The bracelet
  13. Four leaf clover
  14. coins
  15. Ring
  16. Underwear
  17. Horseshoe
  18. Dice
  19. Goldfish
  20. socks

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