His tears shook the Tunisians.. Watch the “tiramisu seller” in his new condition

His tears shook the Tunisians.. Watch the “tiramisu seller” in his new condition

After his tears shook the Tunisians two weeks ago, the situation of Mohamed Amin, the “tiramisu seller”, was turned upside down after widespread solidarity with him and the demand for his dream to come true.

The story began with the scenes of this young man crying, which sparked a wave of sympathy through social networking sites in Tunisia, after he appeared on a street video program broadcast on one of the channels, complaining about his condition with burning and his eyes filled with tears.

At the time, the “tiramisu seller” complained that the police in Tunisia always confiscated his goods as a street vendor, which received wide interaction on social media, while activists launched a campaign to support him.

A dream striving to come true

In his interview with Al-Arabiya, Muhammad Amin confirmed that he is currently working with the utmost comfort and that the demand for his goods has increased remarkably, explaining that Tunisians are communicating with him to deliver sweets that his mother makes to them.

Amin’s project received widespread encouragement from the Tunisian street, as one of the women confirmed that she came from the city of Sfax specifically to taste the sweets he sells and encourage him to achieve his dream.

Amin aspires to grow his project, which has become profitable for him after his fame in the country, saying, “God willing, our dream will grow and the project will grow, which is a mobile cart for selling sweets, and a group of motorcycles to deliver orders.”

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