How being a migrant can help your job search

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If you are planning to move to Australia for work, or have recently migrated, we want to help you to have the best chance of finding a job.

Being a migrant brings a treasure trove of skills and perspectives to the table that can supercharge your career. Whether you speak a language other than English, have a worldly outlook, or have overcome some big hurdles, your migrant experience is a goldmine of advantages. In this article, we’re diving into how these unique abilities can set you apart in your application and interview, so you can successfully secure the job you want in Australia.

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The magic of multilingualism

Let’s start with the obvious—your ability to speak multiple languages is pure gold. Being multilingual opens doors to international opportunities, smooths communication wrinkles, and helps you connect with a diverse audience. If you are finding it difficult to get your first job in Australia, try searching Jora for the language you speak to get all the relevant jobs looking for language skills. You can also try searching for the language and the job title. As an example, you could type “marketing and mandarin speaking” into the search box on Jora instead of just “marketing”.

World citizen wisdom: your global edge

Migrants like you have a deep understanding of different cultures, and that’s a power move in today’s globalised job arena. It’s like having a universal decoder ring for cultural nuances and building bridges between people from all corners of the Earth. In your cover letter and interview, make sure to highlight the universal skills you learnt in your previous home country, and how they could add value to the company you are applying for.

Adaptability: your superpower

As a migrant you are the superhero of adaptability. Moving to a new country is no small feat, and it equips you to handle anything the job throws your way with resilience and grace. You can talk about how you have been able to learn new things, your confidence in dealing with change and uncertainty, and your commitment to your goals even when things get hard.

Problem-solving: the global migrant way

Navigating complex immigration processes and overcoming hurdles have turned you into a creative problem-solving wizard. This is a skill that all businesses need. You bring a fresh perspective that’s a game-changer in the workplace, so don’t forget it!

Diversity at work

Diversity and inclusion are very important in Australian businesses and you are likely to find you are not the only employee who has lived outside of Australia. Your unique background is a valuable addition to the work community you are going to join, and you have the opportunity to teach your colleagues about your story and perspective.

You’ve honed your communication skills to perfection. Clear and effective communication is your forte, making you a superstar in team collaborations and client interactions.

Innovation dynamo

New environments ignite your creativity. When faced with unfamiliar situations, you’re the one who thinks outside the box and cooks up innovative solutions that transform companies.

Networking globally: your secret weapon

Your global network could be a valuable resource for businesses looking to expand internationally or explore new markets. Keep this in mind if that could be relevant to the job you are applying for.

Leading with a twist

Your leadership style is as diverse as the places you’ve lived. You bring a unique perspective to leadership roles, adding richness and adaptability to your team.

Peaceful negotiator and conflict resolver

You’ve mastered the art of negotiation and conflict resolution through your encounters with various cultures. Your skills are invaluable when it comes to resolving workplace disputes.

A fresh perspective creator

Your worldly experiences gift you with fresh viewpoints on old problems. This translates into innovative solutions that keep companies ahead of the curve.

Conquering challenges like a pro

Your migrant journey is a testament to your resilience and determination. Employers treasure individuals who face adversity head-on and emerge stronger.

Let’s sum it up!

Being a migrant isn’t just about moving—it’s about gaining a whole heap of skills that can turbocharge your career. Embrace your unique experiences and showcase the talents you’ve developed along the way. Your multilingualism, cultural know-how, adaptability, and more are superpowers that set you apart in the job market.

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1. Can being a migrant improve my problem-solving skills? Absolutely! Navigating a new country sharpens your ability to think critically and find solutions.

2. How can I use my multilingualism in the job market? Highlight your language skills on your resume and explore careers in translation, international relations, or customer service.

3. Are there industries that particularly value migrant skills? Certainly! Industries with a global focus, like international business, diplomacy, and multicultural marketing, highly value migrant skills.

4. How can I show potential employers I’m adaptable? Share specific instances where you successfully adapted to new environments or overcame challenges in your cover letter and interviews.

5. Can being a migrant enhance my leadership abilities? Absolutely! Experiencing different leadership styles and perspectives can make you a more versatile and adaptable leader in the workplace.

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