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Iranian MP raises controversy: Non-veiled women steal men!

Iranian MP raises controversy: Non-veiled women steal men!
Iranian MP raises controversy: Non-veiled women steal men!

In the midst of the continuing flame of “Woman, Life, Freedom” that she ignited The death of young Mahsa Amini Among the Iranians, since mid-September, a member of Parliament sparked controversy during the past hours, by making a statement about women who do not adhere to the strict dress code imposed for decades in Iran.

Representative Hussein Jalali defended the regime’s practices of imposing the hijab by force on women.

In remarks that sparked criticism on social media, he said, “Not wearing the hijab leads to men stealing from their women.”


He also considered that Iranian women who do not wear the hijab “violate health and sexual safety,” according to what was reported by the “Iran International” network.

What sparked a war of criticism against him on the communication sites, especially since the protests that began months ago in the country, raising the slogan “Woman, Life, Freedom” focused mainly on demanding the lifting of the strict restrictions imposed on women in the country, and the refusal to oppress them and control their lives.

From Iran (Shutterstock)

From Iran (Shutterstock)

The death of Mahsa, who was arrested by the morality police under the pretext of not wearing the hijab properly, launched in mid-September massive demonstrations in various Iranian provinces, which extended for months, and posed for the first time a major challenge to the religious authorities and the ruling regime in the country in decades, especially with the participation of millions. Young men and women, calling for more freedoms in the country, an end to repression campaigns, the abolition of the religious police, as well as the compulsory veiling law.

While the authorities responded violently to the protesters, which led to the killing of hundreds, according to estimates by some human rights organizations, including Hengaw and Amnesty International, while thousands were also arrested, and hundreds were injured, including many girls and students who also lost their sight by security bullets.

However, many young women did not give up, and some streets in Tehran and metro stations are still witnessing an indirect daily “rebellion”, as girls go out in plain veils, letting their hair loose, in a message of defiance against the ruling religious authorities for decades.

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