K Electric requested to increase the price of electricity

KARACHI: K Electric has requested Nepra to increase the price of electricity by Rs. 66 paise per unit.

According to ARY News, K Electric has asked to increase the price of electricity in the application filed in Nepra, while the application has been given in the context of the February fuel price adjustment.

Nepra authority will hear the application on March 30.

If Nepra K Electric approves the request, the consumers will have an additional burden of over Rs 2 billion.

It should be noted that last month, a new condition of the IMF was revealed for the elimination of the circular debt, in which the International Monitoring Fund imposed a condition of recovery of 662 billion rupees dues from K Electric.

The IMF had stipulated that the government should collect dues from K Electric in the current financial year, the finance ministry and the power division have to implement the condition by June 30, 2023.

The document stated that since 2018, K Electric has not paid the electricity purchase amount from the national grid, as the agreement to supply power to K Electric from the national grid expired in 2015.


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