May have to compromise on nuclear assets for loan from IMF?

May have to compromise on nuclear assets for loan from IMF?
May have to compromise on nuclear assets for loan from IMF?

Bilal Aslam runs a factory. They have to import raw materials. In the absence of an IMF agreement, their goods are sitting at the port, adding to the economic problems.

He says that the finance minister says every week that an agreement will be reached next week, now he has given a statement not to compromise on the long-range nuclear missile in the context of the IMF.

Bilal thinks this means that the real problem is not the economy, but the nuclear program. If IMF Agreement If not, can Pakistan have to compromise on nuclear assets and if there are no nuclear assets then what will happen to the country’s defense and if there is no defense then how will business be done?

In this regard, General Secretary of Exchange Companies of Pakistan Zafar Pracha told Independent Urdu that ‘nuclear assets may have to be compromised to restore the IMF program. But the question arises, what will the IMF, America and Europe give to Pakistan in return? After World War II, the United States made an agreement with Japan. Japan did not become a nuclear power, which it benefited from.

“If all of Pakistan’s debts are waived and the country is assured of moving in the right economic direction, compromising on nuclear assets will not be a bad deal.”

However, he expressed fear that if the world powers decide to end Pakistan’s nuclear program, our politicians will not be able to get the right price for it. IMF may ask Pakistan to reduce defense budget further. Pakistan can also be blackmailed that if Pakistan defaults, the nuclear program will still be futile. So it should be rolled back already.’

Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Progressive Group President Khalid Usman told Independent Urdu that ‘Industry is more important than nuclear missiles. Countries that do not have nuclear missiles are also developing because their industries are functioning. If the IMF gives a loan to Pakistan in exchange for nuclear assets, then what new thing will happen? How long will that loan last?

‘For 70 years we have been taking loans and after taking loans, what arrow has been shot? Despite 22 programs of IMF, we could not run the country. In a country that does not have oil and gas to run the industry, and does not have dollars to buy spare parts for machines, what is the status of the country’s nuclear assets?

He said that atomic bombs are important to countries that have the resources to operate and manage them. These assets may be important for fooling the nation, but this illusion of ours in the world is also gone. Ishaq Dar, instead of misleading the nation, tell us what policy he has to run the country and the industry.

Inflation, unemployment and crime in the country have reached the highest levels in history to restore the IMF program. If there is to be a compromise on nuclear assets, then what is the need to accept the other terms of the IMF.’

However, in this regard, the analysis of the economist Farrukh Salim was different. He told Independent Urdu that it was unnecessary to ask Raza Rabbani’s question and Ishaq Dar’s answer. There can be no such thing in the staff level agreement with the IMF. This is politics and it is possible at the board level, not at the staff level.

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America has been making such demands for many years. Pakistan’s nuclear program is one of the safest in the world. If this pressure is put on Pakistan, will other countries of the region also follow it? Will China, India, Russia give up their nuclear assets? These works are done on a principle.’

Former finance minister Dr Sulaiman Shah told Independent Urdu about this that ‘Ishaq Dar has no mandate to talk about this issue. A statement is made to make your shop shine and hide your failure. The real problem is getting written guarantees from Gulf countries who are unable to do so. Pakistan should focus on how to get financing of six billion dollars. Many conditions have been fulfilled on the day the guarantee is received, the loan will also be received. But if the government shows irresponsibility, there may be a demand to compromise on nuclear assets through another country.’

Dr. Hafeez Pasha told Independent Urdu that ‘IMF has not directly made such a demand to any country till date. But when you go to ask the US for help, it can ask you anything in return because the US has a key role in the IMF deal. At present, Dar Sahib has said that the IMF has not spoken about nuclear assets. This is a very sensitive matter and should not be discussed too much.’

He further said that ‘China will not agree if there is a demand for compromise on Pakistan’s nuclear assets. Perhaps that is why the Finance Secretary is going to China and according to reports, the Army Chief may also leave for China next week.

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