Moscow criticizes Denmark.. “Covering the Nord Stream bombing will not succeed.”

Moscow criticizes Denmark.. “Covering the Nord Stream bombing will not succeed.”
Moscow criticizes Denmark.. “Covering the Nord Stream bombing will not succeed.”

After recent developments in the file Nordstream bombing 1 and 2Moscow renewed its criticism of Denmark, which previously refused Russian participation in the investigations into the bombing of the two pipelines that transport gas from the Russian mainland to Germany.

And the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, announced that her country will continue to search for answers to the questions raised earlier, despite Copenhagen’s refusal to jointly investigate the pipeline bombings.

We continue to search for answers

She also added in a statement today, Saturday, that despite the Danish side’s refusal to conduct a joint investigation into the sabotage operations, the Russian Foreign Ministry will continue to seek answers from Copenhagen to the questions previously raised, and concealing this issue will not succeed.

In addition, she considered that “Denmark, which defends with great enthusiasm the interests of the United States in Europe, was not interested from the beginning in conducting an investigation that sheds light on the real perpetrators and financiers of the attacks,” considering that the ambiguous reaction of the Danish side to the information sent to it about the discovery of “Nord Stream 2 AG” of an object around the welded pipes during the gas pipeline inspection in February is another confirmation of this,” TASS news agency reported.

She concluded by stressing that “a comprehensive and open international investigation with the inevitable participation of Russian representatives can provide the public with reliable and objective data on the causes, perpetrators and financiers of the vandalism.”

suspicious ship

AndGermany was exposed Last week, German investigators arrested, last January, a ship likely to be involved in sabotage operations that affected gas pipelines, in particular, the delivery of explosives used to the site in the Baltic Sea.

However, the Public Prosecution Office made it clear at the time that it was still investigating the ownership of the ship and the motives of the party involved.

A Western official also revealed that the governments investigating the bombing had found evidence that pro-Ukrainian individuals or entities had discussed the possibility of carrying out the attack on Nord Stream before the explosion. He explained that those communications were not discovered until after the attack, as Western spy agencies began trawling through intelligence data for possible evidence.

Gas leak in the Nord Stream line (AFP)

Gas leak in the Nord Stream line (AFP)

These data also prompted Russia at the time to renew its demand to open an urgent and transparent investigation into the case, renewing its accusations against the West.

While Kiev denied any involvement in those operations.

deliberate attack

It is noteworthy that Sweden and Denmark, in which the bombings took place in their exclusive economic zones, had previously concluded, following their investigations, that the pipelines had been deliberately blown up, but they did not determine who was responsible, after four large leaks were detected last September, in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 lines off the Danish island of Bornholm. , two in Swedish economic waters, and two more in Danish waters.

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, the two lines linking Russia with Germany have been at the center of geopolitical tensions after Moscow’s decision to cut off gas supplies to Europe in response to Western sanctions imposed on it, due to the military operation it launched on the territory of the western neighbor on February 24.

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