They ended his life with “hot sauce”.. The death sentence for the murderer of her husband and her friend

Today, Saturday, the Giza Criminal Court in Egypt ruled a death sentence by hanging for a woman and her boyfriend, after receiving the Mufti’s opinion on their execution, on the grounds that they were accused of killing the first husband.

premeditated murder

Investigations had revealed that the accused Nadia Muhammad (50 years old) and the accused Muhammad Hassan (43 years old) killed the victim, Mahmoud Suleiman, on August 9, 2022, intentionally, with premeditation, that they had the intention and were determined to take his life in the Bulaq Al-Dakrour Police Department, Giza Governorate.

Investigations indicated that they “got rid of him because of their emotional attachment and greed for his money, and the second accused threw an incendiary substance” hot sauce “on his face, then fought against him and hit him with fatal blows with a hammer, while the accused monitored the movement of her neighbors.

They have a relationship

At the time, investigations reported that the victim was attacked with a white weapon in his apartment, and it was found through the information that the victim’s wife and a person who had a relationship were behind the commission of the crime.

Confronting them, they confessed to committing the crime, and a report was issued regarding the incident, and the competent prosecution began the investigation, so that the death sentence was issued against them.

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